Clinical Supervision

As a practicing clinician, one of my greatest joys is walking with those beginning their counseling careers. I provide postgraduate clinical supervision to individuals seeking counselor licensure in the state of Tennessee, offering individual, triadic, and group supervision.

The purpose of supervision is to ensure both client welfare and professional development of supervisees. Just as good counseling meets a client where they are, good supervision will do the same. I anticipate that any supervisee will share both their strengths and their struggles as they develop into a unique, competent, skilled counselor.  While my supervisory approach does focus strongly on ethics, multicultural awareness, and therapeutic interventions, it is even more important to know what has brought you to this place of wanting to counsel, and what it will require to nurture that desire in a healthy, sustainable manner.  

Because of the dual nature of supervision, focusing both on the client and the supervisee, evaluation is required.  This includes both my subjective perception of the supervisory process as well as the objective standards provided by the American Counseling Association and the Tennessee Board of Professional Counselors.  Above all, I ask that you be honest and open as we dialogue about your professional development.

If you are seeking supervision of your clinical supervision to obtain the NBCC Approved Clinical Supervisor credential, you can reach me at or 865-201-7230 to discuss this further.

Please contact me for additional information on scheduling and supervision rates.