Kristel Headley, Ph.D., LPC-MHSP, ACS

About Me

I am licensed to practice counseling in the state of Tennessee with Mental Health Service Provider designation, #2339.

Clinical Interests

  1. -Counselor supervision

  2. -Children and families

  3. -Integration of faith and counseling theory

  4. -Play therapy

Research Interests

  1. -Missionary families

  2. -Faith integration

Contact Information

All landscape photographs courtesy of Wendy Ivens Photgraphy.


Counseling is my passion.  Whether it be teaching, research, practice, or supervision, I enjoy all aspects of the counseling process.  There is a raw honesty and human need exposed in the counseling room that is all too often denied in other situations.  From brokenness arises relationship that becomes a source of healing.  While I tend toward more directive counseling approaches, I do hold firmly to the necessity of a strong therapeutic rapport.  Healing does not occur because I am an expert, but because I am aware that I, too, am a fellow traveler on the often difficult road of life.

"Nobody escapes being wounded. We all are wounded people, whether physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. The main question is not "How can we hide our wounds?" so we don't have to be embarrassed, but "How can we put our woundedness in the service of others?" When our wounds cease to be a source of shame, and become a source of healing, we have become wounded healers.”                                        

- Henri Nouwen, The Wounded Healer